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RELINK 2316 NTF (removable) FAR 25.853

RELINK 2316 NTF (removable) FAR 25.853

Removable double-sided tape for non-textile carpets and barrier films. Different sizes available.


Introducing Relink 2316 NTF Clean Peel Removable NTF Adhesive Transfer Tape, a cutting-edge, high-performance solution tailored for both OEM and MRO NTF installations.

Regardless of various styles of Non-Textile Floorings (NTF), our versatile OEM qualified tapes secure fixing
across all NTF styles, with or without reinforcement layer. The known challenges of tramlines, telegraphing,
wrinkling, and bubbles are solved with our special tapes, whilst also providing quick installation, secure fixation,
residue and damage-free removal.

Key Features:

  • Differentially coated with a double-coated design and a PET film interlayer for enhanced dimensional stability, acting as a barrier against plasticizers and moisture.
  • Features a permanent adhesive on one side, expertly formulated to ensure strong bonding with various NTF backings, such as GF and foam, while exhibiting exceptional resistance to plasticizers.
  • Offers clean peel removal from both flooring composites and diverse moisture barrier films, leaving behind no residue or damage.
  • This NTF adhesive transfer tape enables effortless removal from different barrier films, thereby optimizing time and cost efficiencies.
  • Allows for some degree of careful repositioning during the installation process.
  • Exhibits excellent processing qualities conducive to web lamination and the cutting of pre-cut sets.
  • Equipped with a filmic liner for convenient, one-piece removal every time.
  • Lightweight solution for added convenience.
  • Free from ingredients listed on the Gray list, ensuring compliance with antimony trioxide, halogen, and bromide-free standards.
  • Compliant with FAR/JAR/CS 25.853(a) app.F part1, (a) (1) ii regulations.

Compatible with all types of non-textile aeronautical carpets. FAR 25853