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Discover our extensive range of single sided foam tapes engineered to meet diverse requirements. Choose from a spectrum of hardness options, including PE and PP foam tapes, PVC foam tapes, and EPDM adhesive foam tape, offering exceptional resilience against acids and varying weather conditions. Our single sided foam tapes boast resistance to oils and are equipped with fire retardant properties. Explore also our selection of intumescent foams and NBR+PVC foams tailored for thermal-acoustic insulation and self-extinguishing purposes.

Applications of Single-Sided Foam Tape:

  • Sealing: Achieve impeccable air, dust, and water sealing.
  • Cushioning: Provide reliable cushioning solutions for optimal protection.
  • Insulating: Ensure efficient thermal and electrical insulation.
  • Noise Dampening: Attenuate unwanted noise for enhanced comfort.