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Intumescent adhesive foam that expands when it reaches 200°C acting as Fire Blocking. As it expands, it simultaneously produces a flame resistant carbon, blocking fire, smoke and hot gases. The material does not emit toxic gases when exposed to fire.


Our intumescent foams are a vital solution for passive fire protection. Upon contact with fire, it expands rapidly, stopping the spread of smoke and flames in an emergency. These intumescent strips are essential for sealing wood, aluminum and steel fire door frames, as well as other areas where fire protection is required. In addition, its versatility allows it to be placed on irregular surfaces and under decorative elements, guaranteeing a waterproof seal that remains intact even after installation. With fire-retardant and sealing properties, this polyurethane foam effectively blocks fire, smoke and hot gases, thanks to its intumescence capacity that makes it expand at high temperatures. Its formability and sealing capacity make it perfect for various industrial applications, including sectors such as aerospace, automotive and construction. Additionally, its built-in adhesive makes it easy to install and fix on a variety of surfaces, ensuring a long-lasting and effective bond where sealing and fire protection is required. Discover how our intumescent foams can protect your facilities reliably and efficiently in various risk situations.

Density: 240 Kg/m³ ; Thicknesses: 4.5mm/6mm/9mm/13mm Complies with standards:

  • EN 45545 (Fire protection of railway vehicles) – HL2
  • UL94 V (Flammability and behavior against fire)
  • ISO 4589-2 (Combustion behavior by oxygen index)
  • ISO 11925-2 (Reaction to fire tests)
  • EN 1366- 4/rating. EN 13501-2.