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In the sector of technical adhesive tapes, being present in almost all industrial sectors.
Our activity is to provide adhesive solutions to the needs and problems of our clients.

Our adhesive tapes are certified by prestigious International Organizations as well as leading companies in different sectors:
ISO, UL, BSI, DIN, Institüt für Fenstertechnik, IEC, TÜV, Rolls Royce, Airbus, Boeing, German Furniture Institute, UK building reg., DEF STAN, British Gas, SEMKO, DEMKO, NEMKO, EDF, ÖVE, ETC. ..

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Tailored adhesive tape solutions for a wide range of sectors and applications

At Distribuciones Julmarsa, we have a wide range of adhesive tape products to satisfy the needs of our clients in various sectors.

Single-Sided adhesive tapes

Our single-sided adhesive tapes are designed to deliver efficient, long-lasting adhesion in a wide variety of applications. They include aluminum foil adhesive tapes for the HVAC industry and packaging tapes to secure packages and protect products during transportation.

Double-Sided adhesive tapes

Double-sided adhesive tapes are ideal for joining materials quickly and easily. We offer a wide range of double-sided adhesive tapes, including extra-strong double-sided adhesive tape for bonding metals and other difficult surfaces.

Single-Sided adhesive foams

Our single-sided adhesive foams offer mounting and fixing solutions for a variety of surfaces and materials. These adhesive tapes provide cushioning and insulation, as well as impact and wear resistance.

Double-Sided adhesive foams

Double-sided adhesive foams are used to join materials with irregular or uneven surfaces. They offer strong, long-lasting adhesion, as well as cushioning and insulation properties.

Double-sided acrylic foam tapes (type VHB)

Our double-sided VHB acrylic foam tapes are designed to provide an exceptionally strong bond in high-demand applications. These adhesive tapes are heat, cold, and chemical resistant, making them ideal for use in harsh environments.

Insulating/Electrical adhesive tapes

Insulating and electrical tapes are essential in the electrical and electronics industry. They offer protection and insulation for cables, connections and electronic components.

Thermoconductive adhesive tapes

Our thermally conductive tapes are designed to improve heat transfer in electronics and cooling applications. These adhesive tapes offer an efficient solution for heat dissipation in electronic devices and components.

Protective Films

Protective films are adhesive tapes designed to protect surfaces and materials during transportation, storage and handling. These tapes offer effective protection against scratches, bumps and other damage.

Heat Activated tapes

Heat activatable tapes are activated by heat and offer strong, long-lasting adhesion on a wide range of applications and materials. These adhesive tapes are ideal for use in sectors such as the footwear and clothing industry, as well as in the manufacturing of electronic and automotive equipment.

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High temperature tapes

Our high temperature tapes are designed to withstand high temperatures and are ideal for use in high temperature and demanding environments. We offer a wide range of high temperature tapes, including aluminum tapes for the HVAC industry.

Cintas adhesivas de butilo

Las cintas adhesivas de butilo son ideales para sellar y proteger superficies y materiales en entornos difíciles. Estas cintas adhesivas ofrecen una adhesión fuerte y duradera, así como resistencia al agua, la humedad y otros agentes externos.

Die-Cut tapes

Die-cut tapes are used in a wide variety of applications, from securing electronic components to producing signs and labels. We offer a wide range of die-cut ribbons to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Medical tapes(Healthcare)

Medical tapes are essential in the healthcare field and are used in the production of dressings, bandages and medical devices. We offer a wide range of medical tapes to meet the specific needs of our customers in the healthcare sector.

Packaging tapes

Packaging tapes are essential for securing packages and protecting products during transportation and storage. We offer a wide range of packaging tapes in different sizes and strengths.

Other tapes

In addition to the adhesive tapes mentioned above, at Distribuciones Julmarsa we offer a wide range of other adhesive tapes to meet the specific needs of our customers in different sectors and applications.