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Discover our diverse array of protective films and their unique characteristics:

LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene): LDPE is the most prevalent protective film material, derived from polyethylene, the ubiquitous plastic. Featuring versatility, LDPE films cater to various applications owing to their myriad types.

COEX (Co-Extruded LDPE): Co-Ex LDPE merges multiple plastic layers concurrently into a single film sheet. For instance, combinations like black and white layers leverage distinct properties such as UV reflection and absorption, enhancing overall UV protection efficacy.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride): Recognized as a widely-used plastic, PVC films boast elasticity and a smooth surface, making them ideal for diverse applications, including metal forming.

PP (Polypropylene): Engineered for high-heat scenarios, PP films maintain dimensional stability, retaining their shape and size without the stretching tendencies observed in PVC films.

PO (Polyolefin): Employed on painted metal surfaces and acrylic glass, PO films offer protective solutions tailored to specific applications.

Paper: Surprisingly, paper emerges as a viable surface protection film. With dimensional stability and absorbent properties, paper films provide a reliable shield in various scenarios.

Wide variety of protective films. Protective polyethylene adhesive tapes with natural rubber or acrylic adhesive, in transparent, blue or white/black colors. Different adhesion levels and thicknesses depending on the application and the type of surface to be protected. Removable protective films. Adhesive tape for greenhouse repair with very good resistance to UV rays.