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We take pride in offering a wide selection of double sided adhesive tapes designed to meet your specific needs. From repulpable tapes to high-temperature options for extreme applications, our double-sided tapes ensure a strong and durable bond on a variety of surfaces and conditions.

  • Repulpable tapes.
  • Splicing tapes.
  • Removable options ideal for temporary applications requiring easy removal without residue.
  • Transfer tapes for permanent and discreet material bonding.
  • Acrylic foam tapes for high-performance, secure, and durable panel and component mounting.
  • High-temperature adhesive tapes that maintain performance even in extreme conditions.

Our double sided adhesive tapes come with different backings: fabric, tissue, cellulose, polypropylene, PVC, etc. Explore our extensive catalog of transfer tapes for all your bonding needs.