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Adhesive of surfaces such as fabrics, felts or films. Applications on foams and porous materials. Applications on elastic materials that require greater resistance to transverse and vertical elongation.


Scrim Reinforced Adhesive Transfer Tape represents a revolutionary bonding material amalgamating the advantages of transfer adhesive and reinforcing scrim. Transfer adhesives, known for their thin, unsupported nature, seamlessly adhere to substrates during lamination, while scrim, typically composed of glass or polyester fibers in a grid-like structure, offers reinforcement. This synergy results in a formidable adhesive system capable of bonding an extensive array of materials.

Streamlined Bonding Process: By laminating this tape onto the intended material, the adhesive transfers from the carrying liner to the target material, leaving behind the adhesive while embedding the scrim as a support structure for enhanced strength.

Enhanced Dimensional Stability: The inclusion of the scrim layer imparts exceptional dimensional stability to bonded materials, ensuring the assembled components retain their shape and integrity even when subjected to physical stresses or fluctuations in temperature and humidity. This stability makes scrim reinforced adhesive transfer tape an optimal choice for flexible components requiring additional reinforcement or tear resistance, such as foam, fabric, and foils.

Improved Handling and Processing: The integrated scrim enhances the handling, die-cutting, and adhesive transfer processes. While unsupported transfer tapes offer versatility and bonding prowess, they may pose challenges during lamination, handling, and conversion. The scrim alleviates some of these challenges, streamlining user experience and ensuring efficient processing.

Discover the unmatched capabilities of this tape, your go-to solution for seamless bonding, dimensional stability, and enhanced handling in diverse applications.

It can be supplied with an adhesive weight between 50 and 250g/m²