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Looking for the ultimate solution in aviation carpet tapes? Look no further! With Relink 2318B, you have the answer to your aircraft carpet fixation needs.

Our Relink 2318B tape is specifically designed to meet the rigorous standards of the aviation industry. It ensures secure and long-lasting adhesion in high-demand environments, such as aircraft cabins and passenger areas.

What sets Relink 2318B apart from the competition? Its advanced formulation and specialized design offer:

• High and secure adhesion to a very wide variety of carpet backings.
• Differentiated adhesive mass on each side.
• No requirement for edge protection.
• Some careful reposition ability possible during installation process.
• Special, solvent free acrylic adhesive system stays stable for long
periods in situ.
• Solvent free acrylic adhesive stores and handles better in hotter
• Filmic carrier provides good dimensional stability and easy application.
• Removal of carpet and tape together, in one process.
• Clean peel, residue free removal from floor panel surface, no clean up.
• No removal or clean up damage to the floor panel surface.
• High resistance to plasticizers in the carpet backings.
• Film provides a plasticizer migration barrier and prevents the mass
being broken down.
• Lower in weight than many ‘ordinary’ carpet tapes.
• Does not contain any ingredients on the Gray list.

When it comes to safety, quality, and performance, It is the preferred choice for airlines, aircraft manufacturers, and MRO maintenance companies worldwide.

Raise your standards with Relink 2318B!