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Double-sided adhesive tape for carpets. Blue polyethylene sheet, with differentiated adhesive on both sides, one with permanent adhesive and the other with removable adhesive

  • Easy to remove without leaving adhesive residue
  • Can be easily cut by hand
  • Laying carpets and erecting stands

Thickness: 0.15mm ; removable outer side

Excellent for applying carpets on smooth floors and parquet in ephemeral events. Support that allows easy removal without leaving residue.


Our carpet tapes are the perfect solution for securing carpets without permanent adhesives. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications, they ensures a secure bond and allows for easy removal. Here are the key benefits:

Key Benefits of Our Carpet Tapes

  1. Easy Installation and Removal
    • Simple to apply and remove
    • Leaves no sticky residue
    • Ideal for temporary setups or frequent carpet changes
  2. Residue-Free Adhesion
    • Keeps floors clean and undamaged
    • Perfect for renters and frequent decorators
  3. Strong and Secure Bond
    • Prevents carpet shifting and slipping
    • Ensures safety in high-traffic areas
  4. Versatile Application
    • Suitable for hardwood, tile, vinyl, and concrete
    • Great for homes, offices, and events
  5. Cost-Effective Solution
    • Saves money on professional installation and removal
    • Affordable temporary carpet securing option

Why Choose Our Removable Carpet Tape?

  • Perfect for Temporary Installations: Ideal for events, trade shows, rentals, and temporary setups.
  • Safe for All Floor Types: Gentle on hardwood, tile, vinyl, and other surfaces.
  • Quick and Easy Application: No need for professional installation; apply and remove as needed.
  • Reusable Options Available: Some tapes can be reused, offering even more value.

Applications of Removable Carpet Tape

  • Home and Office Use: Secure rugs and carpets in living rooms, offices, and hallways.
  • Event Flooring: Ideal for trade shows, exhibitions, and temporary displays.
  • Temporary Installations: Perfect for rental properties, dorm rooms, and seasonal decorations.