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Our intumescent foams are like fire shields. When they touch fire, they grow really fast, stopping flames and smoke from spreading. They’re super important for sealing up doors made of wood, aluminum, or steel, and they work great in other places that need fire protection too. Plus, they’re flexible, so they can fit on all kinds of surfaces and even go under fancy decorations, making sure everything stays dry and safe.

These intumescent foams are made of polyurethane, which is really good at stopping fires. They puff up when it gets hot, making a barrier against flames, smoke, and hot air. They’re perfect for all sorts of jobs, from making airplanes to building houses.

And the best part? They’re easy to stick on! They come with glue already on them, so you can just peel off the backing and press them onto whatever you need to protect. They’ll stay stuck for a long time, keeping you safe and sound.