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EPDM (elastomeric) adhesive foams are very flexible products, with good recovery after compression, normally closed cell, with very low water absorption.


EPDM  sealing strip is extremely flexible and offer excellent compression recovery. This foam usually has a closed-cell structure with minimal water absorption, making it ideal for a variety of uses.

EPDM sealing strip is ideal for thermal insulation, soundproofing, surface protection, weather sealing (against dust, air, water), noise reduction, and vibration damping.

Sealing Applications: When applying EPDM adhesive foam between two surfaces, ensure the joint is under pressure. However, this tape is not suitable for areas with traction, curves, or where it will experience drag.

Versatile Uses: EPDM adhesive foams are suitable for sealing doors, windows, enclosures, acting as barriers in sports facilities, and for use in agriculture.

Specialized Formulations:

  • EPDM Foam: Offers outstanding resistance to acids and weathering, making it perfect for harsh environments.
  • CR Foam: Provides excellent resistance to oils and is fire retardant, making it suitable for industrial use.
  • NBR+PVC Foam: Combines thermal and acoustic insulation with self-extinguishing properties, ideal for safety-critical areas.

Explore our comprehensive selection of EPDM adhesive foams, available in various formulations to find the optimal solution for your specific application, ensuring longevity and top performance in any condition.

There are different compositions that make each one, depending on the place and its function in each application, have a more suitable behavior, such as better resistance to acids and weathering (EPDM); to oils and fire retardant (CR); thermal-acoustic and self-extinguishing insulation (NBR+PVC).