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Glass Cloth Insulation Tape is a premium tape featuring a glass cloth backing and cross-linked acrylic adhesive with a thickness of 0.18 mm. It’s perfect for coil winding protection, insulation, and wire securing before impregnation, ideal for applications requiring a 155°C thermal class F rating.

Applications of our Glass Cloth Insulation

  • Fixing and Reinforcing: Secures coil lead anchors and output wires.
  • Primary Coil Insulation: Provides reliable insulation for primary coils and connections.
  • Layer and Phase Insulation: Insulates between layers and phases.
  • Cable and Wire Splicing: Ideal for securing and splicing cables and wire harnesses.
  • Protective Wraps: Insulates bobbins, coils, and dry transformers.

Product Benefits

  • Superior Conformability: Excellent conformability and impregnation due to the glass cloth backing.
  • High Diameter Copper Wires: Ensures smooth finishing on high diameter copper wires.
  • Mechanical Strength: High mechanical strength for long-lasting applications.
  • Solvent and Varnish Resistance: Cross-linked acrylic adhesive resists solvents and varnishes.
  • Easy Printable Carrier: Allows easy printing for brand and component identification.
  • UL 510 Approval: Complies with UL 510 safety and performance standards.
  • High Service Temperature: Operates continuously at 155°C, suitable for thermal class F applications.

Upgrade your projects with Glass Cloth Class F Tape for dependable coil winding protection, insulation, and wire securing. Trust in its proven performance for all your high-temperature needs.