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Transparent Double-Sided Polyester Tape: High-Performance Bonding Solution

Our double sided red polyester tape features a clear polyester film, modified acrylic adhesive, and a red PP release liner. Designed for reliable bonding even on low surface energy substrates, it provides immediate usability post-assembly and is ideal for demanding applications involving heavy stress, high temperatures, or critical substrates.

Key Features

  • Reliable Bonding: Ensures strong adhesion even on low surface energy substrates like PP, PE, and EPDM.
  • Immediate Usability: Ready for use immediately after assembly.
  • High-Performance: Suitable for demanding applications with heavy stress, high temperatures (up to 150°C), or critical substrates.

Main Applications

  • Automotive Industry: Perfect for mounting ABS plastic parts.
  • Rubber/EPDM Profiles: Ideal for self-adhesive mounting of rubber and EPDM profiles.
  • Furniture Industry: Used for mounting decorative profiles and moldings.
  • Electronics: Excellent for mounting battery packs, lenses, and touchscreens in electronic devices.

Our double sided red polyester tape offers exceptional bonding strength, immediate usability, and high performance under demanding conditions. Its versatility makes it suitable for various industries, including automotive, furniture, and electronics. Trust our tape for reliable, durable, and high-temperature resistant bonding solutions.