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Flash breaker Tape with Silicone Adhesive

Our flash breaker tape with silicone adhesive offers exceptional thinness and flexibility, making it the ideal choice for high-temperature masking applications. Featuring a tear-resistant translucent blue backing, this tape ensures durability during use.

This tape excels in creating precise lines for powder coating projects, guaranteeing clean and effortless removal without causing scratches or breakage on most surfaces. Its superior adhesive properties enable it to adhere securely to challenging surfaces, while its chemical resistance makes it suitable for various environments and processes, including anodizing.


  • Powder Coating Masking: Ideal for masking parts during powder painting at elevated temperatures.
  • Composite Bonding: Perfect for securing parts or vacuum bags in composite bonding processes.
  • Chemical Milling: Effective for masking metallic surfaces during acid or caustic chemical milling operations.

Key Features

  • Exceptional Performance: Operates effectively in harsh conditions and high temperatures, ranging from -50°C to 204°C.
  • High-Temperature Design: Specifically engineered for high-temperature applications like powder coating, ensuring clean removal after use.
  • Outstanding Thermal Stability: Polyester film provides excellent thermal stability and chemical resistance while maintaining flexibility.
  • Clean Removal: Silicone adhesive ensures clean removal from various surfaces.
  • Easy Identification: Translucent blue backing allows for easy identification and positioning.

Our polyester tape with silicone adhesive serves multiple purposes in metal bonding and composite applications, including securing vacuum bagging materials, thermocouple wires, masking, chem-milling protection, and riveting. Its easy removal post-curing facilitates control over bond lines and simplifies resin flash removal, reducing cleanup efforts and enhancing part quality.


  • Base PET Thickness: 25 microns
  • Available Colors: Blue and red

Experience the superior quality and performance of our high-temperature polyester tape with silicone adhesive, designed to meet the rigorous demands of industrial applications.