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Discover our premium glass cloth electrical tape with silicone adhesive, the top choice for electrical applications! This glass cloth electrical tape is tear-resistant and designed for optimal performance, this tape is your best ally. With non-corrosive adhesive and superior solvent resistance, it ensures durability and safety in every application.

What makes it stand out? Its versatility. From coil coating to cross insulation, this tape is essential in a variety of uses. Plus, its flame resistance makes it the perfect choice for motors and transformers in dry environments up to 600V.

Concerned about extreme heat? Worry no more! Our tape features a thermoset silicone adhesive, pressure-sensitive and capable of withstanding high temperatures, ensuring a solid bond at all times. With a temperature range of -18°C to 180°C, this tape is your reliable companion in any condition.

And what about support? Fiberglass ensures high mechanical strength and resistance to shrinkage, offering exceptional stability in all applications. Don’t settle for less! Choose our tape with silicone adhesive and ensure flawless results in every project.

High mechanical and thermal resistance tape. Switch insulation, inductors, connections, Class H dry transformer cables, PCB protection in wave soldering.