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Polyimide tape , also known as Kapton tapes, is a highly versatile product renowned for its myriad applications, particularly in electrical contexts due to its exceptional resistance to elevated temperatures and various chemicals.

Capable of withstanding temperatures reaching 260°C (500°F) and offering resilience against solvents, oils, and acids, polyamide tape emerges as a go-to solution for environments requiring high-temperature endurance or demanding solvent resistance.

Moreover, its flexibility and low coefficient of friction render it invaluable in scenarios involving bearings or movable components. This adaptability allows it to conform seamlessly to irregular surfaces, ensuring tight seals crucial in industries such as aerospace and automotive. Notably, Kapton tape is UL recognized, meeting stringent flammability standards, thus ideal for fire-risk environments.

Key attributes of Kapton tapes encompass its high temperature resilience, chemical resistance, outstanding electrical insulation properties, flexibility, and UL recognition, collectively making it an indispensable asset across various sectors.

Polyimide tapes, recognized for their superior performance, is meticulously crafted for diverse insulation needs. It boasts a polyimide film base paired with a silicone adhesive, tailored for masking PCBs amidst temperatures reaching up to 240°C.

Noteworthy features include:

  • Exceptional dielectric and peel strength
  • Clean removal without residue post-use
  • Ideal for masking PCBs during wave solder or solder dip processes

Furthermore, polyimide tape’s suitability for powder coating and high-temperature applications is underscored by its ability to endure continuous temperatures up to 500°F (260°C) for an hour and withstand short exposures exceeding 700°F (371°C).


  • Silicone PSA
  • Polyimide film – 25μm
  • Color: Amber
  • Available in 33m rolls with varying widths

Manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001 Quality systems, it also offers an ESD-Safe variant for specialized requirements.

The double-sided version is also available.