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Glass Cloth Adhesive Tape: Superior Insulation and Protection

Glass Electrical Tape is a high-performance tape with a glass cloth backing and cross-linked acrylic adhesive, offering a total thickness of 0.18 mm. It is ideal for coil winding protection, insulation, and wire fixing before impregnation, especially in applications requiring a 155°C thermal class F rating.


  • Fixing and Reinforcing: Secures and reinforces coil lead anchors and output wires.
  • Primary Coil Insulation: Provides reliable insulation for primary coils and connections.
  • Layer and Phase Insulation: Ensures insulation between layers and phases.
  • Cable and Wire Splicing: Perfect for securing and splicing cables and wire harnesses.
  • Protective Wraps: Ideal for outer protective insulating wraps for bobbins, coils, and dry transformers.

Product Benefits of our Glass Electrical Tape

  • Excellent Conformability: The glass cloth backing provides superior conformability and impregnation.
  • High Diameter Copper Wires: Ensures regular finishing on high diameter copper wires.
  • Mechanical Strength: Offers high mechanical strength for durable applications.
  • Solvent and Varnish Resistance: The cross-linked acrylic adhesive system provides optimum resistance to solvents and varnishes in dry applications.
  • Easy Printable Carrier: Allows for easy printing of brand and component technical features for marking and identification.
  • UL 510 Approval: Meets UL 510 standards for safety and performance.
  • High Service Temperature: Operates continuously at 155°C, suitable for thermal class F applications.

Why Choose Glass Cloth Adhesive Tape?

Our Tape offers unmatched insulation and protection for various electrical applications. Its high conformability, mechanical strength, and resistance to solvents and varnishes make it an excellent choice for professionals seeking reliable and durable solutions.

Enhance your electrical projects with Glass Cloth Class F Tape, the ultimate solution for coil winding protection, insulation, and wire fixing. Trust its proven performance and durability for all your high-temperature needs.