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Our EPR self amalgamating tape is an insulating tape available in black or white. This versatile product is ideal for various electrical applications.


  • Electrical Insulation: Ensures effective insulation for electrical components.
  • Waterproofing and Protection: Provides superior protection against moisture.
  • Cable Jointing and Repair: Suitable for solid dielectric power cables up to 132 kV.

Product Benefits

  • Aesthetic Integration: White version blends seamlessly into joints.
  • Easy Handling: Tape form is simple to apply and interleaved with a disposable plastic liner.
  • Wide Temperature Range: Service temperature from -40°C to +100°C.
  • Clean Removal: Tape removes cleanly when cut, perfect for temporary insulation or protection.
  • Water and Ozone Resistance: Exceptional durability against environmental factors.
  • Material Compatibility: Works with various dielectric cable insulations, including polyethylene, cross-linked polyethylene, ethylene propylene rubber, PVC, butyl, and neoprene.
  • Rapid Amalgamation: Forms a void-free, homogeneous wrap under tension without external heat or pressure.
  • Stable Performance: Excellent physical and electrical properties ensure high stability under use.

Why Choose Our EPR Tape?

Our EPR self amalgamating tape offers rapid amalgamation, providing a uniform, void-free wrap without needing heat or external pressure. Ideal for insulation, waterproofing, and protecting electrical components, this tape ensures durability, versatility, and superior performance in various electrical applications. Choose our EPR tape for reliable and effective insulation solutions.