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It is a cold-adhesive sealing band made up of a butyl rubber film protected with a non-woven polypropylene fabric, transversally deformable.


Premium Butyl fleece Tape for Superior Waterproofing and Adhesion

Our high-performance Butyl fleece Tape is engineered with a non-woven polypropylene (PP) support weighing 50 g/m² on the upper side, featuring a whitish color for easy identification. This Butyl fleece tape is coated with a modified butyl elastomeric rubber adhesive, and protected by a 120 μm white siliconized liner on both sides, ensuring top-notch durability and performance.

Key Advantages:

  • Exceptional Adhesion: Delivers strong adhesion across a wide variety of surfaces, making it versatile for multiple applications.
  • Highly Adaptable: Easily conforms to different shapes and surfaces, providing a secure and customized fit.
  • Long-lasting Flexibility: Maintains flexibility and grip throughout its lifespan, ensuring consistent performance.
  • Versatile Compatibility: The fabric surface allows for painting, plastering, cementing, and adhesive applications, enhancing its utility.
  • Superior Waterproofing: Offers excellent waterproofing capabilities, ideal for protecting against moisture.
  • User-Friendly Application: Easy to apply, non-messy, and designed to minimize product waste.
  • Wide Temperature Range: Operates effectively within a service temperature range of -20°C to +80°C, ensuring reliability in various environments.
  • Certified Quality: CE certified according to EN 13967 for waterproofing in the building sector, with a fire reaction classification of Class F.

Ideal Applications:

  • Wet Areas: Perfect for use in bathrooms, providing waterproofing under tiles, metal coverings, marble, and ceramic surfaces. Sealing of joints on floors and corners, allowing reinforcement in critical areas (90º angles) avoiding breakage. Sealing of wet areas, drains, drains, etc.
  • Construction Projects: Suitable for various construction applications requiring reliable moisture protection and adhesion.

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