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Discover our extensive selection of aluminum foil tapes, meticulously engineered to surpass the rigorous requirements of the HVAC, metal construction, electrical, and appliance industries.

Combining the durability of aluminum with the weather-resistant sealing power of silicone, rubber, or acrylic adhesive systems, our tapes offer versatile and multi-functional solutions.

The malleability, conductivity and aging resistance of the aluminum backing make these products ideal for  in industries such as home appliances, HVAC, heating, cooling, automotive, and aerospace.

Renowned for their exceptional thermal resistance, durability, and conductivity, our aluminum adhesive tapes deliver unmatched performance, enhancing efficiency and supporting sustainability goals by minimizing air distribution losses.

Featuring superior electric and thermal conductivity, our aluminium foil tapes act as effective barriers against moisture, gas, and vapor while providing heat and light reflectivity. Their enduring resistance to aging, paired with robust adhesive properties, ensures suitability for permanent applications. With resistance to oil, acids, and temperatures ranging from -40°C to 260°C, our aluminum tapes excel in sealing and joining thermal insulation, ducts, and pipes.

Furthermore, our flame-retardant tapes adhere to DIN 4102 and meet UL 510A requirements, guaranteeing reliability and safety across various applications.