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PVC Foam Tapes are characterized by their chemical-resistant and flame-retardant adhesive carrier, making them versatile for both indoor and outdoor applications. These tapes feature a closed-cell foam structure that ensures strong adhesion and secure anchorage.

Chemical Resistance: PVC foam tape resists alkalis, acids, alcohol, petrol, and oil, making IT suitable for various demanding environments.

Common Applications:

  • Sealing: Ideal for sealing windows and doors.
  • Insulation: Effective for heat and sound insulation in ships and vehicles.

Adhesive Properties: Due to the plasticizers in PVC, these foam tapes are available exclusively with acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives. Choose from different paper and film release liners to suit your needs.

Product Features:

  • Varied Thickness: Available in various thicknesses to meet different requirements.
  • High Elasticity: Offers high elasticity and strong restoring forces.
  • Acrylic Adhesive: Coated with acrylic adhesive for excellent initial and final adhesion.
  • Chemical Resistance: Provides good resistance to chemicals.

Popular Uses:

  • Sealing Tapes: Commonly used as sealing tapes for windows and doors.

Explore our range of PVC Foam Tapes for reliable sealing, insulation, and chemical resistance in diverse applications.