Relink 2318b the best adhesive tape for Aircraft carpet installation

Relink 2318b (ABS5648B) is technically the best solution

Relink 2318b has the ability to adhere firmly to flooring and many types of aircraft carpets and floors, resisting carpet shrinkage and seam slippage, while removing cleanly without leaving residue or causing damage to floor panels.

Enjoy the following benefits and cost savings of this tape:

*High and secure adhesion to a wide variety of aircraft carpets.
*No edge lifting or curling.
*Differentiated adhesive mass on each side of the tape.
*Edge protection of floor panels is not required.
*Possibility of repositioning during application
*Long-term stable solvent-free acrylic adhesive system
*Works well in hotter climates
*Film backing provides good dimensional stability and easy application
*One-step removal of carpet and tape together every time.
*Removes cleanly without leaving tape residue on floor panel; no cleaning required
*It has a barrier against the migration of plasticizers from carpets, which prevents its adhesive from decomposing.
*It has less weight than many other adhesive tapes for aeronautical carpets
*Does not contain gray list ingredients.

More and more airlines and maintenance centers (MRO) are using Relink 2318b. It has very good adhesion to all types of carpets and does not delaminate the floor.

(AIMS 10-05-014, issue 4, ABS 5648B, issue 11, IPS 10-05-014-01, issue 4, CML-08-118).

If you are interested in this tape, we will be happy to send you free samples.

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