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RELINK 2318B ABS5648B050

RELINK 2318B ABS5648B050

Relink 2318b  ABS5648B050 is a removable double-sided adhesive tape for aircraft carpets with AIRBUS approval. Measurements: 50mmx50m ; 50mmx25m; 100mmx50m; 100mm x25m

ABS5648B050 ; ABS5648B100


Airbus conducted exhaustive comparative testing and concluded that relink 2318b ABS5648B050 was the product that they would approve, recommend and use (AIMS 10-05-000, issue9, AIMS 10-05-014, issue1, ABS 5648B, issue3,
IPS 10-05-014-01, issue1, C-M-00233).

Many airlines now use ABS5648B050 and they enjoy the following benefits and cost savings:

• High and secure adhesion to a very wide variety of carpet backings.
• Differentiated adhesive mass on each side.
• No requirement for edge protection.
• Some careful reposition ability possible during installation process.
• Special, solvent free acrylic adhesive system stays stable for long
periods in situ.
• Solvent free acrylic adhesive stores and handles better in hotter
• Filmic carrier provides good dimensional stability and easy application.
• Removal of carpet and tape together, in one process.
• Clean peel, residue free removal from floor panel surface, no clean up.
• No removal or clean up damage to the floor panel surface.
• High resistance to plasticizers in the carpet backings.
• Film provides a plasticizer migration barrier and prevents the mass
being broken down.
• Lower in weight than many ‘ordinary’ carpet tapes.
• Does not contain any ingredients on the Gray list.

Relink 2318b ABS5648B050 definitely not an ordinary carpet tape.